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September 7, 2019

Welcome to the weekend, my friends! Today’s an exciting day because my niece is getting married!! I’m in Albuquerque, NM this weekend, and headed to Phoenix, AZ tomorrow to spend a few days catching up with friends.

I left the dreamiest weather ever in Ohio - the mornings are starting to grow a tiny bit chilly and the rest of the day is just as lovely as can be right now! I’m headed back to the surface of the sun for the next few days, and I’m braced for the heat. I sure don’t miss that aspect of life in the desert, but I’m going to enjoy the next few days regardless.

If you want a quick laugh this weekend, feel free to flashback on the post I wrote a year ago this weekend: That Time I Turned 40. Twice. I still haven’t figured out exactly how this actually happened.

ON THE BLOG this week: The Weeknight Dessert Cookbook is almost here!!! (Can you feel my excitement?!) With this cookbook, you will hold in your hands my forever favorite dessert recipes! These are the recipes I reach for time and time again whether for a quick dessert after dinner or a fancier dessert for guests. I am beyond excited to share all of these recipes with you at last.

Everything Bagel Cheese Straws are an immensely snackable cheesy treat that requires just a few ingredients. This is a super easy recipe that starts with puff pastry and everyone who has tried them loves them.

What I’m CRAVING: Those crispy flaky crazy good cheese straws would go great with a bowl of Roasted Garlic White Chicken Lasagna Soup from Little Spice Jar. They’d also be excellent with a bowl of this Creamy Tomato Soup from Inside BruCrew Life.

My FAVORITE THING this week is this ridiculously comfy maxi dress - with pockets! (link HERE). I’ve bought four of them this summer and I love them. The black one is my favorite, but I like a few of the patterned ones as well. I actually ordered almost all of the different patterns to try on and kept just the ones I liked best. (They’re a free return product, so you can try them all on at home and return them all if you hate them. Easy peasy.)

I love the length of a maxi dress, especially layered with a jean jacket, but I hate that most of them just don’t look that great without that jacket layer. You know what I mean? I can hardly wait to wear these all through fall layered with boots!

What I’m WATCHING: Hart of Dixie (link HERE) oh my goodness, I don’t think I’ve ever grinned more than I did while watching the series finale of this show. The show was silly at times, and there were a few irritating characters along the way, but in the end? This one gets two thumbs up from me and I just loved it. The characters all developed so well that by the end of the show I was sad to see it end.

What I’m READING: The Gown by Jennifer Robson (link HERE) This is the story of the women who created Queen Elizabeth's wedding dress. There is so much history in the story and it’s paralleled with the granddaughter of one of the women on her search to learn more about her grandmother after she’s passed away. I especially enjoyed the additional bit the author shared after interviewing one of the women who worked on the dress in real life.

"Autumn seemed to arrive suddenly that year. The morning of the first September was crisp and golden as an apple." - J.K. Rowling

Wishing you a beautiful week full of little things that make you smile!


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