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January 4, 2020

Welcome to the weekend, my friends! Have you figured out what day of the week it is yet? That week between Christmas and New Years sure is brutal for not quite knowing which end is up. That said, I love the fresh start of the new year so very much.

I spent a couple of days this week mapping out our summer road trip. We are planning to be on the road once again for six weeks and I can hardly wait. This year, it’s all about the National and State Parks. It’s going to be great! (or it will be once I get all the planning done! from housesitting arrangements to campsite reservations and actual plans for what to do where - there is a whole lot on the planning list.)

ON THE BLOG this week: English Muffin Bread has rapidly become a breakfast favorite. This bread is so easy to make, you’re not going to believe it. You can stir the ingredients for this bread together with a wooden spoon, let the dough rise, scoop it into loaf pans, let it rise once more, and then bake it. That is IT. No kneading or other steps required, this is crazy easy to make.

I shared a few more tips for awesome salad-making in How To Eat A Salad Every Day. This continues to be one of my most popular posts and I’m forever updating it with new combinations and favorite toppings.

These Roasted Red Potatoes were one of the first recipes I shared on the website, almost nine years ago now, and they’re still one of the side dishes that I make the most often. No one can resist grabbing them hot off the pan.

What I’m CRAVING: Roast beef sandwiches are always a hit and my friend April’s recipe for Au Jus (made without any pan drippings!) is brilliant. We’ll be trying this soon!

My FAVORITE THING this week is Mavala Stop (link HERE) Are you familiar with this already? It’s a nail polish that helps stop nail-biting (or thumbsucking) and it’s safe for children and adults. One of my boys has been a chronic nail biter since he was tiny and this is the only product that has ever helped with that.

I tried the polish when we first got it and it basically just tastes disgusting. You won’t even want to eat with your hands when this stuff is on your nails. For the first time in years, my son has nails long enough to need trimmed. I’m very hopeful that with another month or so of daily use, he might finally break the habit. While a little on the pricey side, this polish is worth every penny.

What I’m WATCHING: I just finished re-watching Burn Notice (link HERE) It’s been a few years since this show ended and I remembered really enjoying the show, but man, the characters are just spectacular. Halfway through the series, they’re just amazing to watch interact. I inhaled most of the series over our Christmas break. Total binge-watch fun and I especially love that it finishes so well.

What I’m READING: Sea Glass Sisters by Lisa Wingate (link HERE) I don’t think I’ve ever had as many emails in response to a newsletter as when I mentioned Lisa Wingate last week. I checked my library list and sure enough, I’ve read her books before. I read Sea Glass Sisters a few months ago and just hadn’t had a chance to mention it here yet. It’s a fun little novella that is a prequel to another book she’s written, The Prayer Box (link HERE) - I have that one on hold.

And speaking of Lisa Wingate, I didn’t realize that Before We Were Yours (link HERE) was one of her books. This book was one of my top reads last year. It’s based on a true story and it’s incredible. I highly recommend it!

“There are no secrets to success. It is the result of preparation, hard work, and learning from failure.” - Colin Powell

Wishing you a beautiful week full of little things that make you smile!


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