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March 21, 2020

Welcome to the weekend, my friends! Is it just me or are weekdays and weekends kind of blurred together at this point? My heart is very much with those struggling with hunger due to financial situations that have changed due to this pandemic.

If you are able, please consider helping feed the hungry through Feeding America. I’ve been a partner with Feeding America for years now and a portion of our website income is donated to their organization every month. Right now, I will match every donation made to help during this crisis, up to $5,000. (This is in addition to our monthly support - that won’t be affected.)

Send me a screenshot of your donation and I will send you back a screenshot of our matching donation. If you are able, please consider helping. You can write in a donation for any amount.

You can donate HERE and also read more on the website about how Feeding America partners with food banks all over the United States to provide food to local food pantries.

If you are local to me in the Columbus, OH area and you need food, please email me. I will put you in touch with the local food pantry nearest you or help myself if I am able.

ON THE BLOG this week: Italian Red Wine Roast Beef (made in the oven or in the slow cooker) is a great dinner for the days when you don’t have a lot of time to fuss in the kitchen. This is a highly adaptable recipe to work with what you have on hand too.

Roasted Green Beans are a five minute prep side dish that works with any meal.

These Ham and Cheese Biscuits are a kid and adult favorite in my house. I like to double the batch and toss the extras in the freezer for super easy snacks and breakfasts.

What I’m CRAVING: Truth? I’m craving restaurant food. We don’t even go out all that often, but since we can’t do that right now, the fun of going out and sitting down to a relaxed meal is definitely something I miss. Since I can’t do that for the time being, I’ve been getting creative with the ingredients that are in the house and avoiding the stores for as long as possible.

My FAVORITE THING this week is our bananagrams game (link HERE) I love that we can play a game in just a few minutes, everyone can play, and it’s fun whether you win or lose.

What I’m WATCHING: I’m loving all the Upworthy shares right now. There’s nothing better than stories of human kindness and creativity to make us look beyond our own situation. I've been grinning at these moments all week. This photo, this video, this video, and this video are a few of my favorites. Last but not least, this photo.

What I’m READING: Dandelion Summer by Lisa Wingate (link HERE) It probably comes as no surprise that I loved the final book in the Blue Sky Hill Series (link HERE). I could hardly put it down. This is another story of an unlikely friendship and the beautiful changes it brings in so many lives. I wholeheartedly recommend this whole series.

“That is one good thing about this world...there are always sure to be more springs.” - L.M. Montgomery

Wishing you a beautiful week full of little things that make you smile!


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