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April 4, 2020

Welcome to the weekend, my friends! It doesn’t feel much different from the weekdays right now, does it? My thoughts are with everyone now juggling school and work and all the daily things at home. I’m so very grateful for the people that are making it possible for our lives to continue with as much normality as possible right now.

My prayers are very much with the essential workers and medical personnel working the frontlines of this pandemic. I’m here to listen if any of you reading this want to talk. It was really great to receive emails from so many of you this week.

If you are local to me in the Columbus, OH area and you need food, please email me. I will put you in touch with the local food pantry nearest you or help myself if I am able.

If you are not in the Columbus area, you can find your nearest food bank HERE through the Feeding America website.

ON THE BLOG this week: Chinese Egg Drop Soup is my middle son’s favorite lunch and luckily it only takes a couple eggs to make a whole pot of soup.

Hawaiian Oatmeal is a fun way to level up your oatmeal game if you’re getting bored with the daily bowl. We like to use all sorts of random goodies from our baking cupboard to mix up our oatmeal add-ins.

BBQ Pork Mac and Cheese was our favorite dinner this week. Have you tried it yet?

Last but not least, if you have little kids at home, a batch of Homemade Playdough may be just the distraction they need. We used to make this all the time when my boys were younger.

What I’m CRAVING: These Baked Chocolate Donuts from my friend Tricia at Saving Room for Dessert sound fantastic right now. I already have my donut pan (link HERE), so I think these will be happening tomorrow morning!

My FAVORITE THINGS this week are these Calvin and Hobbes books. (link HERE) With everyone at home each night, these have been a very welcome bit of laughter for all of us. (Bonus tip - order the books used and you’ll get them much faster!)

What I’m READING: Counting by 7s by Holly Goldberg Sloan (link HERE) I read this book in one night and immediately sent the book to my middle son’s Kindle. The main character Willow is a 12-year-old genius who has trouble connecting with other people. When tragedy hits her life, it turns her world upside down while leading to life-changing paths for everyone in the end. You’ll probably find yourself cheering for all of the characters that enter her life along the way.

Willow is extraordinarily odd, but completely and totally endearing and I find myself wishing for a later life sequel to this children’s book.

“Some old fashioned things like fresh air and sunshine are hard to beat.” - Laura Ingalls Wilder

Wishing you a beautiful week full of little things that make you smile!


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