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Extra+Ordinary Newsletter #18

Hello Saturday and hello friends!

I don’t know if you all heard my giant sigh of relief yesterday, but I have my van back complete with a new transmission and so far so good! Back to the races, so to speak!

This week has been a real rollercoaster with my best friend since high school moving to Mexico. I am thrilled for the adventure she, her husband, and kids are about to experience, but selfishly? Dangit. I want them to stay. I'm hoping this means I'll get some frequent flyer miles to Mexico! Rumour has it my buddy is going to be blogging soon, so stay tuned. I'll be sure to hand out her url like candy when it's live!

Continuing our emotional week, another dear friend had open heart surgery (GO LISETTE!) this week. I've been praying her through this HARD!

Add to that my husband and I trying to get all the kids to all their various functions and him going on a business trip in the neighboring state for a day all with one little old rental car, and trying to keep everyone fed and in clean underwear at the same time. This life thing isn’t for wimps, is it?

This video was completely unexpected for me. I’m not sure what I expected when the lady walked into the frame, but I sure didn’t expect anyone to be able to make that kind of music with spoons. Absolutely amazing.


  • This delicious, simple, and impressive Slow-Cooker Korean Style BBQ Pork. Sometimes I shred it. Sometimes I slice it. Sometimes I dice it. No matter which way I serve it, though, it is ALWAYS a popular dish at my house and it makes enough to keep us fed for more than one meal. Don’t worry! If you’re not feeding a regiment like I am, it freezes and reheats like a treat.
  • This Bunny Bread. This is a more-than-decade-long tradition for Easter at our home and the kids look forward to it more than their baskets, I think! It’s deceptively easy to make and can be made with homemade dough or purchased dough!


This countertop ice maker. Without getting into the whole long, sordid story, let’s just say that the ice maker on my refrigerator just plain doesn’t work and that stinks. It stinks because I have five boys who frequently roughhouse enough to make me want to have ready ice at all times. It stinks because I like ice baths for blanching certain vegetables, quick chilling certain foods, and for plunking into the water bath for freshly hard boiled eggs. The fact that this countertop model clocks in at a little over $100 and has the first batch of ice made in under 10 minutes is a bonus. It’s cheaper than a new refrigerator!

This memory foam bed topper. I know, that doesn’t sound terribly exciting, but I slept on one of these at my friend Mary’s house and IMMEDIATELY ordered one for my own home. My husband and I love our bed madly (the most low-end Select Comfort adjustable mattress) largely in part because we can each adjust our side to our liking. My husband likes to sleep on a rock. I prefer the squish and a sea of pillows. But both of us love this foam topper, though. It’s unlike any other I’ve tried. It’s pretty firm itself, but it really cradles you at the same time. And it hasn’t bothered my husband’s back, so that’s a win for both of us. I especially love that it comes with a cover that holds it to the bed and keeps it from shifting around like our previous mattress toppers did.

THIS MOVIE! Oh yes, I AM type screaming. I’m so excited that The Greatest Showman is finally available to own digitally. I actually saw this in the theatres SIX times. I can honestly tell you that is the only time I’ve ever done that with a movie and I intend to watch it even more in the comfort of my own home. It just plain makes me smile and makes me feel good! Obsess much? Yes. Yes, I do.


I should have seen this coming because I’m a sucker for a good series, but I’m on the second book of the Dagliesh murder mysteries by PD James; A Mind to Murder. I really enjoyed the subtleties PD James in “Cover Her Face” and I’m enjoying the fleshing out of Dagliesh’s character in A Mind to Murder. I suspect I’ll read through the whole series in pretty quick succession.


Do you enjoy book series or do you prefer one-offs? If you like series, please recommend your favourite to me!



“It was one of those March days when the sun shines hot and the wind blows cold: when it is summer in the light, and winter in the shade.”

Charles Dickens

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