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Extra+Ordinary Newsletter #23

Happy Sunday, friends!

I hope your week was swift when you wanted it to be and slower when you needed it most. We’re capping off another eventful week around the Foodie with Family household. My husband spent his third week in a row on the road because of business trips stacked back-to-back. The boys and I kept the home fires burning (very lowly, though, since it’s warming up) and got to every place we needed to go on time.

I’m calling that a tremendous win.

I even managed to sort through our long neglected game/homeschooling cabinet. I weeded out four boxes worth of games and homeschool materials that we no longer use. Some of the games were even in donatable shape. The rest of our games -which are plentiful- were organized according to size and frequency of use.

That’s win number two, in my game book.

I also found time to cook up 8 to 10 meals-worth of meat to cycle into our meal plan over the next couple of weeks. We don’t have meat with every meal, but it’s awfully nice to have it at one meal a day for me. Having a mother lode of green chile pulled pork and a mega batch of carnitas for salad makes me relieved that I am just minutes away from a multitude of excellent homemade meals despite our wild schedule .

This reminds me… I did a little tinkering with classic carnitas and ended up with a garlicky, kicked-up version that makes makes my heart and mouth both happy. While it certainly isn’t authentic, it does use the method and it’s delicious. I used those carnitas in a showstopper of a dinner salad, too. Is anyone interested in me sharing these recipes on the blog?

If you’re counting, by the way, that’s win number three this week and that makes a hat-trick of happiness and a basket full of mixed metaphors, to boot.


3-Ingredient Strawberry Ice Cream is creamy, dreamy, delicious, and simple. It only takes 3 ingredients to get an amazing strawberry ice cream that requires zero cooking. We like this one straight out of the ice cream maker in a sort-of soft serve state. I can’t recommend this highly enough!


With five sons and no peanut allergies (we had one for a while, and he grew out of it, thank heavens!) we go through a fair amount of peanut butter. This is my favourite brand of all-natural, no-stir peanut butter. It doesn’t have any preservatives that we try to avoid here, but it doesn’t sacrifice convenience or flavour either. It comes in an impressive selection of styles and flavours, too. Our faves are this maple laced one and this super crunchy one.

With my Invisalign in place, I am drinking a ton of water. This is my favourite tumbler to keep with me at all times. It's not leak proof, but it does hold drinks at a steady temperature for hours! And I like these silicone, reusable straws with it. The silicone straws don't burn your lips if you use them with hot beverages!

These stainless steel, wheeled shelves are where it’s at for organization. My boys have so much trouble with dressers and cramming them full of junk that gets lost for years. I’ve used these shelves in my office space for quite some time, and we just yanked the guys’ dressers out and replaced them with this. So far it’s far tidier and I can’t foresee anything getting shoved to the back for years and forgotten.

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